Highschool and Federal Office of Viticulture and Pomology Klosterneuburg

High School and Federal Office of Viticulture and Pomology - Winegrowing Tradition for over 150 years!

The Höhere Bundeslehranstalt and the Bundesamt für Wein- und Obstbau Klosterneuburg (Alma mater Babonensis, in short LFZ Klosterneuburg) is the Austrian teaching and research center for wine and fruit growing in Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria.

It is directly subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture (today: Lebensministerium / BMLFUW). The "Weinbauschule" is the only one in Austria that offers not only a good general education, but also comprehensive technical education at a high level in the areas of winegrowing and winegrowing, fruit growing and fruit processing. As well as chemistry and microbiology. Based on a good scientific and mathematical basis, modern, competence-oriented training in chemistry, microbiology and economics is offered. In the Federal Office and Research Center, application-oriented and practice-related research projects and experimental assignments are worked on.

In addition, expert reports and test certificates are prepared in the service sector and further education courses and counseling are offered 150 employees are involved in teaching, research and consulting. The close spatial and personal linkage between research and teaching enables a rapid and flexible response to the problems of science and practice. The aim of all activities is to offer innovative and sustainable approaches to solve practical problems, to optimize production techniques in ecological and economic terms and to generally expand knowledge and knowledge.

We see ourselves as

...... a modern educational institution in which human and professionally competent teachers train young people with the means of modern teaching according to the requirements of the learners, the economy and society,

... an educational institution, which is able to provide up-to-the-minute technical information through its close personal and local connection with the research departments of the Federal Office to train in a practical, cosmopolitan and economically competent manner

... a community of teachers and learners who react sensitively to the needs of society, act ecologically, socially and ethically responsibly and sustainably extend these values.

Highschool and Federal Office of VIticultre and Pomology


Wiener Straße 74, 3400 Klosterneuburg, Österreich

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E-Mail: direktion@weinobst.at