Radfahren in Klosterneuburg, © StaMa


Explore our city with your bike!

Klosterneuburg offers an extensive network of bicycle tours within the city as well as a wide range in the surrounding adjacent Au area and the Vienna Woods.

Particularly noteworthy is Klosterneuburg, as an important stop on the Danube Bike Path Passau - Vienna.

The Danube Cycle Path from Passau to Vienna is the busiest cycle route in Europe.

Every year about 350,000 cyclists are using it. There is a perfect signage of the bike path so that you can get to Vienna without any detours.
The supply is complete, there are inns, supermarkets, biker-meeting points, guest houses, private guest rooms and hotels.
The Danube Cycle Path can be used almost all the way on both shores


On the north shore you drive from Passau to Schlögen where you change with the ferry to the south bank.

From Schlögen it goes along the southern shore to Ottensheim where you return by ferry to the north shore.
Along the northern shore it goes until shortly before Grein and then over the Danube bridge to the south bank.
But you can also change in Mitterkirchen to the south bank and drive back in Ybbs on the north shore and continue through the Wachau to Krems.
When you arrive in Vienna, follow the route description Velo-Route 6 and then the Route Donauradweg Hainburg to the Floridsdorferbrücke.
If you drive over the Floridsdorferbrücke you come to the artificial built Donauinsel(Danube Island). If you want to go directly to the island then you should change in Greifenstein over the dam on the left bank of the Danube and drive over Korneuburg until you reach it.

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